Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We are Division 5 runner ups!

While this is unconfirmed in writing, I have just called Cuesports and was told that PSRC has won SP by the score of 7-4. With a bit of calculating, that means that, given that the news is correct, here is the standing after that little piece of news.

SP Club Red 18

PSA Club 27

PSRC Genesis 16

NTU Ruby 20

Seletar Birdies 12

HDB 2 9

British Club -3

By looking at the last column, it means that SP club is at 18 points and have played all their games, while we are at 20 points and have 1 more game to play (Seletar this coming monday).

Even if PSRC win its last game it will put them at 19 points, which means that we can afford to lose.

Lets hope that the 7-4 score to PSRC is true!
Update: PSRC did indeed won 7-4, but British Club has yet to send in their results or it wasn't update yet in Cuesports website.

Sunday, March 2, 2008



1st Chun Shen
2nd Yiwei
3rd Jerry
4th Jeffrey

1st NUS Team 1
2nd SIM Team 2
3rd NTU Team 2 (Weekiat,Jeffrey,Jerry,Ben,Melissa)
4th SIM Team 1

Thursday, February 28, 2008

An update from Division 5 side...

After our 4-0 victory over HDB on Monday, we are 1 point behind SP club with 1 less game. Our remaining opponents are British Club and Seletar, while SP’s sole game left is against PSRC (Prison Sports).

Statistically, we have a very good chance to get 2nd place in Div 5. We will definitely need a convincing result against BC. This will put us 2 points ahead of SP club on equal games. The current frame difference is +18 (63-45) for SP, and +23 (63-40) for us. If we get a 8-0 victory, and provided that the competition prioritize difference over frames won, then we would require a draw at most at Seletar.

Lets look at some maths here. If SP is to win PSRC 8-0, that would mean that they are running on a +26 difference/71 total frames won. Either way, we are currently favorites to get 2nd, and more importantly, a trophy for everyone in the team playing the last time for NTU.

However, we need a good result against British Club (away) and a victory against Seletar (away game as well).

Cmon guys! Even though I can’t play, I am available everyday this week and weekend next week for training!!!

(table reproduced for convenience sake)

Position Teams Frames Matches Match Results Penalty Points
Won % Lost % Total Played Won + W/O Lost - W/O Draw Points
2 SP Club Red 63 58.33 45 41.67 108 11 4 0 1 0 6 0 18
1 PSA Club 70 67.96 33 32.04 103 11 8 0 0 0 3 0 27
4 PSRC Genesis 49 50.52 48 49.48 97 10 2 1 3 0 4 0 13
3 NTU Ruby 63 61.17 40 38.83 103 10 4 0 1 0 5 0 17
5 Seletar Birdies 53 54.64 44 45.36 97 10 3 0 4 0 3 0 12
6 HDB 2 36 39.56 55 60.44 91 10 2 0 5 0 3 0 9
7 British Club 8 9.41 77 90.59 85 10 0 0 9 1 0 -3 -3

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ronnie O Sullivan

Ronnie O Sullivan
Snooker Interesting Facts

Ronnie O'Sullivan plays a very fast, fluent and attacking game. Ronnie O'Sullivan is a prolific breakbuilder and solid tactical player, although Ronnie O'Sullivan has stated his disdain for long, drawn-out games, saying that it harms the game of snooker. Ronnie O'Sullivan is a good front-runner, although tends to become demoralised when behind and not playing well, and is liable to lose multiple consecutive frames. When behind and needing snookers, Ronnie O'Sullivan tends to concede more often than other players, although after Ray Reardon's coaching Ronnie O'Sullivan does seem to carry on with the frame a lot more than previously.
Ronnie O'Sullivan is right-handed, but Ronnie O'Sullivan can play to a high standard with his other hand. While not quite possessing the same power in his left arm, being ambidextrous enables Ronnie O'Sullivan to attempt shots with his left hand that would otherwise require awkward cueing with a rest or spider. Ronnie O'Sullivan sometimes plays with a variety of bridge hands. When Ronnie O'Sullivan first displayed this left-handed ability in the 1996 World Championship against Alain Robidoux, the Canadian accused him of disrespect. Ronnie O'Sullivan responded that he played better with his left hand than Robidoux could with his right. Ronnie O'Sullivan was summoned to a disciplinary hearing in response to Robidoux's formal complaint, where Ronnie O'Sullivan had to prove that Ronnie O'Sullivan could play to a high level with his left hand. Ronnie O'Sullivan played three frames of snooker against former world championship runner-up Rex Williams, winning all three. The charge of bringing the game into disrepute was subsequently dropped.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meeting on Monday 22 Oct

Hi all,
Please be informed that there is a meeting next monday 22th 7pm at nyh. Objective for this meeting is to finalise team formation for our upcoming National League which we will be playing in div 3, 4 and 5 this year. Please collect your shirt and jacket on that day also.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

NTU Snooker Open coverage on Chronicles.

Hi all,

Attached scanned images from this month's Chronicles.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Training Manuals

First of all, I think we can have more people helping to author this blog.
Just send Jerry an email or stuff and provide your gmail email to him, and he can add accordingly (I do not have the rights). We can include stuff discussed in the emails here as it can be troublesome to search sometimes.

As raised and discovered by Jeffery in the email,
I do not have the time to read through them but at first glance they look good!

-Boon Song

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Legend for Ranking

Ladies and Gentleman, by now you should have seen the ranking. This is how the points and handicap are allocated. The handicap system will be applicable to all internal team tournaments conducted; this is to make the game fairer. The handicap will be up to a limit of 30.

Latest Ranking!!! - CAA 280907